A rare all-purpose smartwatch

The rise of smart hardware has fueled a boom in smart wearables in recent years.In a wide range of products, and focus on the function of the smart bracelet is popular.However, due to the uneven development of the smart bracelet market, there is a great deal of moisture between the promotion and performance of different products.

Recently, led by the Shanghai quality supervision and inspection institute of technology, provide the media support house of Shanghai power grid, selection of ten different brands of smart home and abroad hand ring as the research object, the step of its appearance, function, heart rate, blood pressure monitoring, such as product price comparison test, visually reflect the different brand smart bracelet products cost-effective integrated, with data, then can let you choose for smart bracelet!

As a smart wearable device, charging speed, standby time and battery capacity are the major concerns of consumers.Smart bracelets typically use less power because they don't have complex screen structures, processing chips or operating systems.