2 Pack Soft Foam Hand Finger Exercise Wrist Power Gripper

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1. Built to last with the high quality hard foam/plastic handle and springs steel. The best and comfortable hand/finger strengthener training tool you need for gym workout/home exercise.

2. Works as a hand grip strengthener for increasing strength and range of movement. It helps to strengthen the arm, wrist, forearm muscles. Excellent for conditioning the extensor muscles of the hands. Great for preventing hand fatigue, arthritis, strain, and early signs of carpal tunnel.

3. Ergonomic Design with soft foam handle fits all hand size for men and women, and providing a maximum comfort grip and anti-slipping. Suitable for the elderly, the office crowd and sports enthusiasts to prevent the mouse hand nemesis.

4. Our compact design allows you to fit it in your pocket, handbag or gym bag so you can bring your hand grip with you anywhere. Small, lightweight and portable, you can also carry it with you to exercise anytime.

5. Please contact us if you have any questions during use. Questions answered within 24 hours. 100% money back if you are not satisfied with this Hand Grip Strengthener.

Material: Foam, PP, Spring Steel

Usage: Strength Training

Feature: Light Weight, Comfortable, Convenient and Safe

Package Include: 2 x Hand Grip

Hand Gripper/Finger Strengthener, Hand Exerciser, Extreme Hand Strengthener Grip, Hand Soft Foam Manual Exerciser, Wrist Strengthener Resistance

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